Key Personnel

Brent Taylor

Brent Taylor, P.Eng.
B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering (Dist.)
(403) 264-2526 Ext 222

Brent founded Asher Engineering in 1993 and has spent over 25 years in an EPCM environment.  He graduated with distinction from the University of Saskatchewan.  Brent is an experienced hands-on engineer, able to lead and motivate multi-disciplinary teams while still maintaining involvement at a technical level. Brent has been involved in oil and gas facilities projects throughout Canada, the Arctic, and internationally.

Thomas Kuelker

Thomas Kuelker, P.Eng.
B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering
(403) 264-2526 Ext 223

Thomas received his degree from the University of Alberta in 1987.  Thomas functions as a client liaison and team leader, managing facilities and pipeline projects and programs for major clients.  He also has general responsibility for overall engineering quality.  His experience includes the MacKenzie Delta area, where he was design and project engineer for the only facility and pipeline currently operating in the area.  Prior to joining Asher in 1998, Thomas worked for an NGO in Africa. He also worked for  several years as a design and research engineer in Canada.

Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams, P.Eng.
B.Sc., Chemical Engineering
(403) 264-2526 Ext 243

Sarah is a graduate of the University of Calgary (1998).  Her career has included working in various segments of the oil and gas consulting business.  Since joining Asher, she has demonstrated exceptional abilities in issue analysis and problem solving.  At Asher, in addition to functioning as a project engineer, she has overall responsibility for process and pipeline modeling and simulation.

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